[ Universal Board ]
Useful goods in stock for various development scenes
== There is a product for lead free ==

Small, standard universal board


  • Standard, easy-to-use, universal board
  • One side and there are both sides (103, 104 series)
  • The plated through hole is in both sides
  • The glass epoxy ( FR-4 )
  • Solder leveller finish

Universal board for VME enhancing


  • The package density improves by 40%.
  • It musters by the multi pattern of a 3D conception.
  • The power supply line is usable in +α by the pattern of one hole (2.54mm pich)
  • It corresponds to the high frequency. A high density mounting is possible. The man-hour of mounting can be greatly reduced.
  • VCC, GND and plating line is unnecessary. Please connect it with the nearest VCC and GND.
  • There is four layer Universal board, too.

4 layer universal board


  • This universal circuit board is the best for the high-speed circuit and the noise prevention.
  • This can mount parts very efficiently because it mixes the pattern for the analog and digital.
  • When an analog circuit and the digital circuitry are divided, the power supply and the pattern can be easily separated.
  • The power supply can be taken in the vicinity freely.
  • It is possible to divide in two systems or three systems.

Glass epoxy 1.6mm through hole


  • The noise prevention and the package density can be improved.
  • Half pitch (1.27*1.905)
  • FC connector can be used.
  • B pattern and D pattern are in each size (Refer to next page).

Half pitch universal board


  • Because it is 1.27mm pitch, it is possible to mount in a high density.
  • The hole of land for the pattern of one hole and two holes and the signal wires can select presence.
  • The assembly of wiring can be finished up refreshingly.
  • Connected connector: D=0.8Φ and other 1.0Φ
  • Through hole and resist finish

Both sided 4 layer universal board


  • This universal board is effective for the high frequency circuit and the high-speed circuit.
  • The current capacity and the GND area can be greatly expanded.
  • Because the land of VCC and GND is alternately installed in both sides, parts can be mounted on the component side and the pattern side.
  • The work efficiency improves because both sides are the resist finish, and the worry of the short-circuit is canceled.
  • I/O..connector : DIN Connector (128 Pin * 2 pcs ), FC connector can be used together (50Pin * 2 pcs)
  • Edge connector : 2.54 * 72 Pin * 2 pcs
  • Plated through hole, Two sided resist finish, Tangent department Gold plating terminal

Both sided universal board


  • It is the best for the high frequency circuit and the high-speed circuit.
  • It is a full effect on the noise measures.
  • A high density mounting is possible.
  • Design very easy-to-use to analog circuit and digital circuitry.

One side / both sides standard universal board


  • For noise measures and high-speed circuit

Both sided and same pattern universal board


  • Parts can mount on both sides.
  • The man-hour and the faulty wiring can be greatly reduced.

Both sided universal board


  • It is a pattern the best for the high-speed circuit.
  • There are two kinds for an analog circuit and for the digital circuitry.
  • There are A pattern and C pattern in each size.
  • The DIN connector of 96 pins * 2pcs can be installed.
  • The glass epoxy (FR-4) and through hole

Both sided universal board


  • It is the best for mounting of high frequency circuit and high-speed IC.
  • Because the whole on the component side is GND, the noise measures are effective.
  • Parts can surely mount because it is circuit board where the plated through hole is in a high density arranged.
  • There are two kinds of GR series. It is the plated through hole and the plated through hole are not in it.
  • GR-1000C can mount IC from the component side.