[ IC Conversion PWB / Turbo Series ] IC pitch conversion PWB and adaptors
< Feature of Conversion PWB / TURBO Series >
  Convert QFN / BCC / QFP / SOP / TSOP to 2.54mm Pich
  QFP -> PGA, SOP / TSOP -> PGA Type
  QFN / BCC -> PGA Type (Only for test purpose)
  There are two products. One is for test purpose, the other is for implementation purpose.
  Low profile type.
  Space reduced design.
  Two typed are available, without pins and with pins for conversion PWB for test purpose.
  There are 10s kinds of pin number are supported even for standard products.
  Custom-made manufacturing is available for unusual devices.
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Adapter to convert QFP / SOP to PGA or PGA type. It is the best for making for trial purposes and development with a universal board in a low profile and the space reduced design.
[ Conversion board for QFP / SOP / QFN (BCC) ]
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The pattern is extended to the neighbor of IC package, then connected to through holes. wire or terminal pins can be embedded to through holes.