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QFP / SOP Socket for evaluation for high frequency
QFN ( BCC ) Socket for evaluation for high frequency
Our original QFP / SOP sockets for IC development verification which has experience of being in 20GHz environment. The advantage is that the performance is very close to that in soldered enviroment. Widely used by domestie, highly evaluated and used by domestic and foreign semiconuctor manufacturers. The products of heat-resistant can be usd in the environment under +180 Celsius. CLAM sockets for QFN package has the same specification to that of CLAMP sockets for QFP, for semiconductor development and verification heat-resistant type is also available.

These are boards or adapters to convert the foot pattern of QFP or SOP to DIP with 2.54mm. Also, an adapters board to verify IC, and one to use CLAMP sockets on universal boards, are also available. We have various universal boards. The boards with 2.54mm grid which are widely used, one with VCC and GND layers so that it can help you to correspond to noise, 4 layered board for high frequency environment, and one for VME.

I arrange the normal volume like a trimmer on a panel side and protect an axis and post it like a bushing neatly Cardpla and handle which can be embedded without any pins or instruments based on our original technology.